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My den is exploding! All are amazing. Some have boxes. 
Shipping is a flat $5 in the US. International to pay exact shipping.

[Image: ZSHdd0q.jpg]
Paladin Moby 28mm - 160
Paladin Atlat 28mm - 160 SOLD!
Paladin Winston 26mm - 100 SOLD!
Paladin Vesuvius WC/XL 30mm. Only one made to date - 250 SOLD!

[Image: lIX04Bx.jpg]

Declaration B5 Jefferson 250 SOLD!
Declaration B5 Theo - 250 SOLD!
Hucklaration B4 26mm - TRADED!
Elite Declaration B5 28mm - 185 SOLD!

[Image: w21XAkh.jpg]

Romera Mixed Woods Manchurian 28mm - 100
Romera Dark Manchurian 30mm - 100 SOLD!
SV 28mm - 145 SOLD!
Lutin 26mm V1 - 115 SOLD!

[Image: d5pIzWQ.jpg]

Declaration B6 28mm C&R Ti - 325 TRADED!
Declaration B5 Washington Ivory - 180 SOLD!
Dogwood B6 27mm Artist Series- 225 SOLD!

Elite B5 26mm Artist Series- 185 SOLD!

I also have a ton of synthetics that I"m not using.  If you're interested, just let me know.  

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A few nice ones left

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