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Three double edge safety razors are available, two Asylum Evolutions and one Blackland Blackbird.  I got them recently just to try them.  I'm glad I had the experience of using them, but for me they are redundant when I already have other very similar razors.  All are in excellent condition and come with their original boxes.  Note: because of heavy snowfall here, I probably will not be able to get these shipped for the next week or so.

1) Evolution Rare Black Oxide finish.  Only a few of these were made, and they are no longer available.  $170 shipped CONUS.  SOLD
[Image: kA7WjUf.jpg][Image: Sc6RcOX.jpg]

2) Evolution Machined finish.  Retails for $185. $115 shipped CONUS.  You won't find a better price.
[Image: m3Pp0MD.jpg][Image: VKOpieM.jpg]

3) Blackbird Machined finish. Retails for $185. $150 shipped CONUS.
[Image: HZbu9br.jpg][Image: wfEJkhL.jpg]

Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Added Blackland Blackbird to the sale.
Great prices GLWTS

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