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CONUS Only.I do Venmo and PayPal.

1.Asylum Evolution razor (non polished).Used 4 times and excellent razor , on the medium side of aggression (if that makes sense) and sold out at Bullgoose shaving.I don’t have its box but I’ll ship it with a generic one (red color).Regular price is 185 , this one is 105 with shipping included.

2.TipSoft Premium silvertip brush.This is kind of a mystery of a brush.This was a proto and the knot is a Lee Sabini one for what I was told back in 2014.The knot is 25 mm and loft is 50 mm.Extra packed with premium silvertip badger hair.The handle is 55 mm long so this is a big brush.If you have tried one of the old M&F or Rooney silvertips then you know how great is this hair.Asking 60 including shipping.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: 99EBJq8.jpg]

[Image: GFXlP8J.jpg]

[Image: nmqbcMM.jpg]
[Image: W1xODhF.jpg]

[Image: qtswmSP.jpg]

[Image: lpZyWXp.jpg]

[Image: 0eaOixk.jpg]

[Image: MGwT9m7.jpg]
[Image: 5twttqM.jpg]

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Bump and price reductions : 135 for the Asylum Evolution razor and 80 for the Tipsoft brush , prices include shipping.
Bump and final prices : 120 dollars for the Asylum and 70 dollars for the Tips soft premium silvertip brush.
Any proof the Tipsoft has an M&F knot?
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(08-21-2018, 07:12 PM)sandiegoshaver Wrote: Any proof the Tipsoft has an M&F knot?

Sorry for my late reply.

No , just the word from the seller.This was a prototype.

Last bump : 105 dollars for the Asylum Evolution and 60 dollars for the Tipsoft , shipping included in price.

Shave Maharaja
Which razor would you compare this to in the med aggression range. Is it Game changer, pre war tech or Merkur SB range.

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