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The Aristocrat razors were purchased from 2 different members of the shaving community and are fully functional and in nice condition. They both have minor finish flaws but work and shave as they should. I don’t know much about vintage razors other than I have realized I like modern razors much better.

I am asking $175 shipped for the Aristocrat #15oc

TRADED The Timeless .95oc was professionally anodized by TiSurvival in their mahi mahi color and does not affect the shave. In all honesty, I was hoping it was going to be a little more blue in color as opposed to the more green tone. I am asking $200 shipped for this.

SOLD I am asking $115 shipped for Aristocrat #21

For more detailed pictures please send me a message or email as I have plenty of pictures.
I am also open to reasonable offers and possible trades.

[Image: tdzpuJC.jpg]<br /><br />#15oc<br />[Image: F4WO9Uf.jpg]<br /><br />Timeless .95oc<br />[Image: FpmAqWt.jpg][Image: l8lmRgE.jpg]<br /><br />[/img]

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Price drop

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[Image: your-killing-me-smalls.jpg]

I want that OC, but to close to Christmas right now.

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Definitely less than what I paid for it!

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