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Letting go of several razors today.  All have been cleaned and wiped with alcohol.  They have hardly been
used and are like new.  If you have any questions please send me a pm.  Let's do conus only on this one.

1) Occam safety razor used twice.  Comes with all 3 baseplates (one not pictured, not used, still in box)
  Asking $59 shipped.
2) Enoch single edge razor used 3 times.  Asking $69 shipped. sold
3) Homelike safety razor satin finish .90 sb.  Used 4 times.  Asking $95 shipped.
4) Rocnel 2019 Elite aggressive version.  Used twice.  Asking $189 shipped. sold
5) Rex Envoy used a few times (enjoy my ambassador).  Asking $89 shipped. sold
6) Ikon SBS w/ windrose brass handle (small nick on handle) used a few times.  Asking $39 shipped. sold
7) Timeless .95 sb, used a few times.  Asking $89 shipped. sold
8) Yates Precision head with both sb plates (standard-32 thread), used twice.  Asking $89 shipped.

[Image: Kxidxwt.jpg]

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Wow these are some excellent prices for quality razors. GLWTS.

I’m not surprised the Rocnel was first to go...

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