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I have way way way too many brushes!  Letting go of some I love, but just don't have the room anymore.  All brushes are in great shape (no shedding issues!).  I'm the original owner unless otherwise noted.  I should have all original boxes if they came with one.  Most of these have seen minimal use.  All prices include shipping conus only please.  If you have any questions please let me know.  

1) Simpson Duke 3 Silvertip-asking $200 shipped. SOLD!!!

2) Landmark Essentials-2nd owner, but just got another one with a little shorter loft which is perfect for me. Asking $90 shipped.  SOLD!!!
3) Lee Sabini M&F 2XL- asking $210 shipped SOLD!!!
4) Sabini/Sears Polo style 28mm-asking $190 shipped SOLD!!!
5) BSB 2-band-Paid $155 asking $95 shipped.
6) Rooney 1XL-Second owner, been used 4 or 5 times between the previous owner and myself.  Not even close to being broken in.  The tips are starting to curl.  Absolutely exceptional knot.  One of the O's has a printing defect.  It's not really noticeable except up close.  I've included a close up picture of it.  asking $230. SOLD!!!
7) Rooney Stubby 1- asking $95 shipped SOLD!!!
8) Shavemac DO1 3-band 26x48-Paid asking $110 shipped

Finally I have a brand new unopened box of Feather Professional blades.  Paid $85 shipped, asking $80 shipped.
[Image: DAsPJ4M.jpg][Image: uheTFYC.jpg][Image: nbVhrQF.jpg]
PM sent on the 1XL
PM sent

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