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Today I’m offering up for sale 3 pucks of AOS Tallow.  2 of the pucks are Lemon and 1 is Lavender.  Also up for sale is 1 Sir Irish Moos Shave stick.

AOS Tallow - 36 dollars per puck with priority shipping with tracking.  [1 LEMON SOLD] [1 Lavender SOLD]

Sir Irish Moos - 55 dollars with priority shipping with tracking.  [SOLD]

Take all the soap listed for 150 with priority shipping and tracking.

Take the 2 remaining  AOS soaps for 65 combined.

I’ve come to the conclusion it’s better to let someone else use these than them sit in my closet for eternity.

[Image: 45f60ac00f3ed1c40db0f52300cefeca.jpg]
[Image: 49c0fea31b415b72e61bfdcf30125474.jpg]
[Image: 8d44065428985da8c6418e11e60be50a.jpg]
[Image: 8a887ab00f52e744f5afc267abf595bc.jpg]

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