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Above The Tie SE1 Single Edge Safety Razor with Bamboo Handle

I am selling this splendid stainless steel razor.
Used in high rotation therefore extremely limited use.
The photos are from today. Some photos are repertoire

Approximate dimensions:
Model            Length Inches   Length MM   Weight Ounces   Weight Grams   Knurling Style

Bamboo         3.5"                 88.9 mm       2.05 oz              58 g                None

Model      Blade Gap   Blade Type                     Comb Style       Shave Style Aggression (1-9)
SE1         .61 mm      Single Edge Artist Club     Solid Bar SE      6 - Regular / Average

I ask for € 200,00 shipped

A clarification (for correctness): due to a misunderstanding occurred in the past on another Forum, I was
returned a razor not quite in the state in which I had shipped it and the buyer claimed that I shipped the razor
in that state. Too bad that on that forum the buyer was quite "known" for these performances.
Moral: I do not like and do not accept returns.

[Image: oMZke1p.jpg][Image: lL61Dop.jpg][Image: 9FBPfsR.jpg][Image: ZsJUHbu.jpg][Image: BG6McKX.jpg][Image: 1Rorhon.jpg][Image: JvmYs8N.jpg][Image: cdQVDOt.jpg][Image: C6rvxq2.jpg]
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