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I don't get to use these razors much. Nowadays I prefer much bigger blades. So these sit in the rack. All are fine shavers, and are shave ready. The price includes U.S. shipping. No trades, please. Thanks. 
(For some reason the photos are not posting. I'll keep working on the problem. Thanks for your patience.)

1. YANKEE CUTLERY, GERMANY, 5/8, bone handle. 
2. J.R. TORREY, 11/16. 
These two are really sweet shavers, and quite handsome. The top one has a pretty and a muted tip. The bottom one is shoulder less with a barber’s notch point.
$50 each. 
[Image: 096N86D.jpg]

3. George Wostenhold 4/8. This is the legendary Pipe razor from the 19th century. The razor has been lovingly restored with  bone scales. It’s a great little shaver. $50
[Image: uUoyVu9.jpg]

4. Eickert 11/16 (between 5/8 and 6/8). This is a really nice German razor, dating probably from the 1950s through the 60s. The razor is in very good shape. The handle had a small chip near the butt pin, but the chip was glued back on. The small repair will probably last forever. It’s a wonderful shaver. I have priced it a little low because of the chip. $60 (WITHDRAWN)
[Image: 8LOa6MA.jpg]

5. MEISTER 6/8. This is wonderful German razor, probably made in the 1950s. It’s a little known razor that probably came from one of the big cutlery companies. It’s in excellent shape. There is a slight discoloration on the blade, a little circle, and I’m thinking the previous owner removed a water spot or patina. Still, that does not effect the shave. $65 (WITHDRAWN)
[Image: YHAMxoX.jpg]

6. RED POINT 5/8. This razor was made by the Anton Wingen Cutlery in Germany. It probably dates from the 1950s. The Red point is known to be a great shaver. I have owned several through the years and all have been superb shavers. For sure, this one is. The razor is in excellent shape. $55
[Image: fg4U6VL.jpg]

7. UNION CUTLERY, New York. This is a wonderful little razor, 5/8, made by Union Cutlery of New York, probably sometimes from the 1930s  to the 50s, using the great American steel of bygone years. It’s a fine shaver and it is shave ready. The pins are tight and the blade closes center. $50
[Image: CDPKdxD.jpg]

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Pics are not showing up
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Sorry for the delay in posting the photos. The experience was like dancing with a bear. Finally the dance is over. OY!

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