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Every shave den deserves a Filly. The Filarmonica straight razor, that is. These are legendary razors and highly coveted. I have one already. Perhaps this one pictured here should be yours. This is a Jose Monserrat Pou Filarmonica Novodur 13 — it's a 6/8. The razor is in excellent condition — the gold wash on the shave blade has been removed during restoration. The Filarmonica is a good shaver. This one is, and it's shave ready. The price includes U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine; no trades, please.  $145  $125

[Image: NlOszVj.jpg]
[Image: piGK5Rp.jpg]
Every shave den should have a Filly. I have reduced the price on this legendary razor. Priced to go at $135.

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