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Have a few soaps that aren't getting any use and was hoping to move them along. Soaps have only been used a few times each and a few are new. Prices listed below, shipping would be a flat $5.00 Conus per soap up to $10.00 max for shipping. Please PM if interested and thanks for looking

Will also consider Trades

Mystic Water Lilly of the Valley - $8
Mystic Water Sweet Briar - $8
Mystic Water Bay Run - $8
LASC Vanilla/Eucalyptus/Mint - Sold
LASC Topanga Fougere - Sold
LASC – Santa Monica Bay Rum - Sold
Reef Point Submariner - $10
Reef Point Test Depth - $10
Tiki Set Sail – $10
MLS Grand Havanna - Sold
MLS The Drunken Goat - Sold
[Image: NX6Sfuq.jpg]

B&M Rhapsody
- Sold
B&M Cheshire - Sold
B&M Seville - Sold
Sapone di Paolo Arrancione (New) - $10
Sapone di Paolo Cremoso (New) - $10
Sapone di Paolo Alberra - $10
CRSW Bergamot & Bay - Sold
CRSW Vetiver Moderne - Sold
[Image: oqM5mSi.jpg]

First Canadian Grand Valley Vetiver (New) – $10
Mikes Vetiver - $10
Shaver Heaven Forbidden Forest - $8
Deluxe Shaving Mods (New) - $10
Ballenclaugh Hot Barrell Rose - Sold
[Image: Gs3JoTr.jpg]

Razorock Don Marco (New) - SOLD
Razorock XXX - SOLD
Maggards Lilac - $5
Maggards Premium Tocacco & Leather (New)- $10
The Shaving Shop Barbershop Poivre Rose - $8
The Shaving Shop The Savoy - $8
[Image: nXfQFig.jpg]

PAA Bay Rum - Sold
TSE for Men Cherry Bomb - $5
WSP Matterhorn - $8
WSP Mahogany - $8
Le Pere Lucien Original - $15
Le Pere Lucien Rose de Pushkar - $15
Soap Smooth Smoked Woods - $8
Razz Bocket Mongo Folie - $8
[Image: QTRaB3Y.jpg]

Caties Bubbles Saturday Morning - Sold
L&L  After the Rain - Sold
Sudsy Soapery Almond Vanilla - Sold
Soap Smooth Frozen Cranberry - Sold
Wickham Super Smooth - Sold
[Image: E0ffjRm.jpg]

Stirling Spice Set - Sold
Stirling Ozark Mountain Set - Sold
Stirling MITA - Sold
[Image: dCdihjz.jpg]
"Always walk where you like your steps"
Some good prices here..
Bump for added soaps
"Always walk where you like your steps"
Bump for added soaps and price drops
"Always walk where you like your steps"

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Any of these mentholated? I'm not the type to try many different types of soap/creams.
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