Looking to sell this beautiful ShaveSmith custom in lights of funding another Custom razor. We have a beautifully worked 7/8 with hammered worn spine, twisted Monkey tail, French point Near wedge. The razor has a matte Finish on the faces of the razor with silver wedge and pins. I have honed her on a Nakayama Tomei using a traditional Asano Nagura progression. She comes to you shave ready and passes HHT with ease. Included will be a custom leather sheath and an English Bridle strop in a orangey tan color (made by ShaveSmith) this razor is wonderful but she doesn’t get much use from me. Hoping to give her a new home at 500 US shipped Conus and Canada wide. Depending on your location I may be able to bring the price down depending if you would like to opt out of insurance and tracking or if shipping is lower.
[Image: 1636131753b1b16a065b471948096621.jpg][Image: 184be20f921ae3167a3d2fe930eb6b6f.jpg][Image: d74f12e0504dc7f94f271e30e91d0832.jpg][Image: 52a71bb6d9ec77e4790f4a03564b5925.jpg][Image: 03a7830b6a0c6ff1d9dc579515e1f084.jpg][Image: f881984b773cdb676fa122d1511619a6.jpg]

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Price reduced to 425 US Shipped

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Very cool razor. GLWTS.

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Ah, che bel vivere, che bel piacere per un barbiere di qualità...
Last Reduction to 375 shipped!

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Still available

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