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Used three times. $25 delivered CONUS. Paypal F&F.

I am interested. Will PM you. Thanks.

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(11-26-2018, 02:31 AM)Dpc007 Wrote: Used three times.  $25 delivered CONUS.  Paypal F&F.

Dpc007, please note, PayPal Friends & Family is not permitted on DFS.  This is part of our B/S/T rules so please check them out.  This protects both buyer and seller.  It also contravenes PayPals own terms.  

If you want to cover PayPal’s charges to you then include them in the total cost.  There are on-line converters to help you with that.

If this is not corrected then this thread will have to be closed.  Thank you for your understanding.
Is it still available? Need some pictures.

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