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3 DEs on offer today. Take all three for $90 shipped CONUS/Canada.

[Image: 97vUaUw.jpg]

1959 Gillette Fatboy in excellent condition. No visible brassing. $55 shipped to Canada or U.S.

[Image: vlfbSDX.jpg]
[Image: hhAxGlE.jpg]
[Image: rscADxZ.jpg]

Gillette NEW Short Comb (SC), user grade in good condition. $30 shipped to Canada or U.S.

[Image: j9d4pyf.jpg]
[Image: EBsnvaM.jpg]
[Image: ifAo8iR.jpg]

Fatip Piccolo, brand new in box. $20 shipped to Canada or U.S.

[Image: sGv3fyv.jpg]

PM with questions and such. Thx for looking!

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