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Los Angeles Wet Shavers Society
N. Los Angeles
A set of 3 original L&L GROOMING 4oz premium soaps in the original containers. They are all amazing AMAZING scents.... as follows:

1.) CUIR ET EPICES - essentially NEW (meaning never lathered) but there were two small scoops taken out.
2.) 'Chatillon Lux' UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER - only 1 lather
3.) DFS '2017 Ltd Ed.' - only 1 lather

Selling as Lot only.

Asking $55.00 shipped

CONUS shipping included.
International buyer pays shipping but I will contribute $5.00

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

[Image: kn77O1H.jpg]

[Image: S0EKED2.jpg]
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