$50.00 for both shipped CONUS.

A great set to cut your teeth on straight razor shaving and not spend a bunch on money!  Both razors are in excellent condition

1. Manufactured 1865 to 1925. Back of blade straight with round point and double shoulder. Blade measures approximately 3 1/16 x 11/16. Etched on blade “HOLLOW GROUND”. On shank “Human eye over WITNESS (Logo), TAYLOR - SHEFFIELD -’ ENGLAND'. Blade cleaned, polished and honed shave ready. Jimp’s bottom of shank!. Very little hone wear. Black hard rubber scales cleaned and polished. Three pin design. Original pins tight.

[Image: mak8pMX.jpg]
[Image: M2v07wl.jpg]

2. Gold Dollar Stainless Steel - The spine of the blade has been modified to correct geometry issues when it was received.

[Image: r0U07cW.jpg]
[Image: 7nVPSEo.jpg]
Both razors have recently been honed. Bevel set with Naniwa Chosera 1K and finished on G20K.  Both shave ready.
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