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I am interested in purchasing Xpec Original shaving cream in its original formulation with parabens. I would prefer unused (Used is ok if scooped out as long as brush/water wasn't introduced). I can pay $$$ or trade for other soaps as I have plenty of soaps. I can also trade for current version of Xpec (without parabens) or Xpec Unscented version with parabens. Please let me know if you have any extra tub or willing to part yours.


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Just as heads up from somebody having used both versions and hypersensitive skin ( easily able to differentiate). Have found no difference in shave properties whatsover between the old and new formulation, minor difference in scent and absolutely no difference between either of unscented versions. Just my experience.
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Thanks for your input, Dan! I have both formulations in unscented version. IMHO, I find the older one performs little bit better for me so I find it worth just to see if older one in Original scent is available or not.
I have a tub of the original unscented version (with parabens). If that interests you, send me a PM.
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Thanks for the offer but I already have a full tub of unscented version with parabens. I am interested in Original Scent (dark rose) in "original" formulation with parabens.
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