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i love lamp
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Hey all, looking to  trade some of my declaration brushes for other declaration brushes in the Ebonite handle. (Preferably Sandstone & Black Jupiter)

Up for trade is a Wolfaration - B2 Declaration grooming knot in Wolf Whiskers handle. Blue top with black handle. Very nice knot.

Carnavis & Richardson B6 - B6 is truly one of a kind and very good good knot. Used 2x but the tips are already curling with a strong backbone.

Declaration Grooming Ebonite B4 - Blue Moon Ebonite Teddy rate here, soft tips, beautiful handle. Whats not to love.

To sweeten the deal i may have some other things to throw on top/trade to help encourage the trade Smile

Lemme know what you got, all offers welcome but will not be sold by itself Smile

Any questions, please ask!

Kyle is an awesome guy. Trade with confidence!

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i love lamp
Likewise bud Smile
Damn. Just want to buy the wolfaration. Lol

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