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Palmerton, PA
Looking to buy a patchouli scented soap/aftershave set. I have Yrp and love it, so something similar would be perfect.

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Can't be done, YRP is a one of a kind Big Grin

Actually, I'm curious to see what guys might suggest because I'd be interested too.

Munich area, Germany
I have Y/R/P soap and AS from Declaration Grooming. Both used only once.
Musgo Real classic has patchouli. It's a great scent and well balanced. You don't get the strong dirt smell of patchouli.

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Palmerton, PA
Thanks for the reply, I will check it out

Palmerton, PA
Stirling Glastonbury is another one I have and do like

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Munich area, Germany
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I really do envy all of you guys in the US as you have access to all of this cool artisan stuff.

For us here in Europe most is hard to get...
You should look at Barrister & Mann 42

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Palmerton, PA
42 is one of my favorites

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Des Moines, IA
What is YRP? That's not an acronym I'm familiar with

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