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WTB - Hello everyone I'm looking for a HTGAM Coconut Bay 8oz Shave Soap. If you have one lying around not getting any attention hit me with a p.m. Also looking for Caties Bubbles Qautre Cent Vingt Soap and or set with toner and the PAA dorm set as well. Much appreciated as always for any help in these matters. Have a great day everyone ?

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So i'm not sure if its the exact same scent, but PAA has tubs of Coconut Bay. Obviously its under the newer PAA formula instead of the old HTGAM formula, bit if the scent is what you are after it may be worth sending them an email and asking.

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Also, Van Yulay has a soap called 4:20 currently in stock

The Club Midnight Kush is another one you might want to check out.
- Jeff

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