By any chance anyone willing to let one go at a realistic price?
I sold mine years ago after deciding that a cobra and merkur progress are all i need.
Having used these two mainly over the last four years, it's getting a little boring and want to spice it up a little.

I remember bbs1 being a super close shaver, but I also remember i paid quite a few bucks to get it and it's quite hard to find one to say the least.
Seems like it's going for ridiculous amount right now.

If anyone has one to let go, let me know your price.
Take a look at the “high end den purge” on this page.
Was going to say the same thing. If I were to sell mine it would be for more.
I did read that thread, I guess I somehow missed it.
It's tempting, but I can't afford to pay $1200 unfortunately.
Thanks for the heads up, I got excited for a second

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