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Updated: Open Comb Stainless Steel Wolfman Guerrilla wanted. Also looking for an Aluminum Guerrilla, either SB or OC. 

I’ve seen them occasionally show up at original retail pricing, so that’s what I’m looking to pay.

Still looking. Willing to consider head only in necessary, although it would be nice to find the complete razor.

Also want to mention that I have some items I’d be willing to trade towards Guerrilla OC. Items include:
ATT Slant Razor
Feather ASD2 Razor
MDC Soaps, some are new/unused
LPL soaps, some new/unused

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Still looking.

Also interested in finding an Aluminum Guerrilla, SB or OC, which I’ve just added to the original posting.

Please reach out if you have something, Thanks!
Oh come on now, I know there are Guerrilla razors out there sitting unused and gathering dust in people’s dens.....
Still looking and should mention I also have 1 or two straights for possible trade.

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