I'd like to purchase or trade for a Tallow & Steel / Chatillon Lux Vide Poche soap. For trade I could offer a Chatillon Lux / L&L BBB set, or may have other software of interest.
If you have an extra tub laying around send me a PM.


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Good luck with the hunt. I would love to get a set of BBB.

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Good luck with that ksn2273 that T+S-CL Vide Poche is a really nice soap. T+S and CL also did a Yuzu Rose Patchouli soap before the Wholly Kaw one and its really nice too.

jaxstraww you should let your interest be know to hawns . I've been trying to gently persuade him to do another BBB soap collaboration with Declaration Grooming for a while now as my tub of the first (and so far only) release is getting low. Like anything, if the demand is there, eventually it will come back. I hope.

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Thank you, Gentleman! I would also trade my BBB soap for a new tub of the T+S CL YRP!

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