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G'day everyone and anyone.I'm looking for some and maybe more

(For any brush below It's not interesting to me with any other coloured handle besides black/ebony,white(ok for simpsons ivory,but otherwhise porcelain or somerset yes),striped/alpolina or amber so please hold em back aight...thanks.And the quality of the knot is seen as priority and what makes the dollares roll yes.)

Simpson Eagle 3 - two band "super",or if having one in in two band silvertip/manchurian without the new printings of theirs
Simpson 57 - two band "super".............a 58 is alright too if someone has one that needs a new home
I could be interested in any other two band super/manchurian/two band silvertip simpson too,so if you have the time to throw an offer that mote be interesting and discussed,then so do,but again...not at all interested in handle colours besides the ones mentioned above
Any simpson made in striped ivory (two banded/manchurian that is yes,but synthetics ala´ chubby or dukes could be of interest too)
Any two band/manchurian/two band silvertip simpson made in an amber handle

The varlet - Mega prefered,as I have a couple of Aldos others,but hit me with any kind besides the R2s and eversets of his and me mote be interested

Wiborg(Florian) - If you happends to have one for sale I want you to first offer it to Allen(discerningbev) here as he looks for one and been for a while before me.After that I can be the one interested yes,and for a discussed price to be

- Tolje

Bumps one time....And yes,I gladly pay for the right one Wink

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