Peachtree City, GA
PM Directly
Your post had so few words I'm at a complete loss as to what you are even talking about.

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Des Moines, IA
I 'm guessing it has a secret handshake also. Wink

Kinda one of them, if you need to ask, you can't afford it type deals.

Peachtree City, GA
Wanted to buy - Santal 33 or 26

Please explain to me what more info is required?

I want to buy Santal 33 or 26

Or phrased another way

I Am seeking somebody in possession of Santal 33 or 26 AND willing to sell it

This requires two pieces of information

1, what is Santal 33 or 26; which is well known by a person in possession of Santal 33 or 26

2, how to contact me which is addressed in the body; by PM directly

If one doesn’t have any Santal 33 or 26 and/or possesses no knowledge of Santal 33 or 26, they would be well advised to have the decorum to refrain from ridiculing those reasonably making a rational post. The BST forums are not educational as are the discussion forums. The rudeness of the responses have really rubbed me raw on this. I am as guilty as the next sometimes praising a product with which familiar but at least the intent is to aid the interested parties, not detract nor hinder their efforts.

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