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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
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Trying to find my 1st Wolfman razor at a price I can afford. Please get in touch if you think you could help!

Thanks everyone!

PM sent
One just got posted. Here or shavenook

I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
Picked one up for $115!!

For anyone looking, I'd say 150 and under is where you should be. Over that I say keep looking

Hope this posts helps some people learn about the razor!

Shaves nicely, but I will say there are a few caveats.
- Handle without knurling get Slippery When Wet
- Head is a bit light compared to handle, so I think balance is a bit off. But not by much.
- Extremely mild! Use a sharp and smooth blade
- Angle of attack is quite oblique, adjust accordingly

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