2019 DFS LE - Eleven Soap & Aftershave Splash is now LIVE! Read more here!!

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Looking to buy (or trade) for Mammoth Mood indigo!
Let me know if you have some you're willing to get rid of (soap or the full set).

if you want to trade, these are some of the items I have available and we can make differences up with cash.
Rockwell 6c (new in box)
Lowborn color changing brush - badger (thermocromatic 'blood shift', black to red)
Simpson X3 best badger
Kent BK2 Grey Badger (new in box)
Dogwood Hybrid with synthetic knot
Aluminum Envy Shave brush (synthetic, green aluminum)

plus a bunch of different soaps (echoes of rain, shag, 7x, merry, some talbots, some buffleheads, citricuya, etc)

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