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After some time,too short maybe,but that as a secondary to evaluate my "bold prosit" here,and maybe make it a 50/50 between grrrrrrrrrrr's and laughs..
- I want to buy some logics when it comes to used wares.....or atleast one fiddled string to make me understand what's missing in the trades and business.
If i have a clean arse and it's valuated,as sold,for x dollares unused and purrrrrty....thats the x that,
And I take a load or two(even three,or as most of us,once every day,if,IF I now don't use me arse for modeling or presumptioned studys that is),then that's Y....and by the way,why would anyone come up with the idea of calling it ALMOST unused,or as it called,only used two/three times,as if it matters...it has been used AIGHT?....otherwhise it is pretty silly to have to carry around an arse without using it??)....so back to used atleast once....
If I go buy an arse on 4 wheels that has been used,i surely would react if the seller said - it has only been used once,so ofcourse you can have it 10 DOLLARES cheaper than what I bought it for....excuse me mister hahahaha....did we loose some logics,or was it just the pond?Where in this whole lil world does it work like that,and how the hell is it preserved as such?NO! I surely don't being blind to "so called" unobtanium" no,but fer cows sake hahahaha.Yes,to clearify - it's not the dollares i care shite about,nor to get a good deal,cus them I've had a few and me dollares arn't missing if it is logical so to say.I've just noticed so many sellings/sellers that think that you can live behind some staggers of that every darn constuction,ala,handles,brushes and so on can be sold for just a piss in the ocean less than new...and horribly they get sold.Once again...fer cows sake...they are used.....and back to the market - I want to trade me audi 0016 for a 0019,and the lights are a bit diff and unobtanium contra new models,so for that sake I ONLY and gently ask for a suaded 0 to 0 trade....anyone? hahahaha...sorry mates and I hope atleast some of you get what me mean,and it surely isn't any negativity in this no...more of a washup of logics.By the way yes...it doesn't matter shite,but I rather buy it new if it only differs a few fucking(Ooooops,dollars) ones compared to one that has been flushed with...arses it was,aight Wink
Take care everyone and count the marks on them handles Wink

PS.YES,I have a few and more so called unobtaniums and a riddle of other wonderful items in the shaving world,fer use and for memories....but ofcourse I wouldn,t consider them as holy,pricewhise,as a handmade mirror from 1630s,so hrrrm hrrm...in ease it is Smile

IE = if I bought a declaration knot in an ugly handle 2 years ago and payed 230 for it...it is,nomatter what,NOT unobtanium and NOT that rare,so the first rule applies....50% directly as it's been travelling and used...and now...a whole community against me yes,but it's worth it Smile

I forgot the momentary ofcourse,sigh,bad me bad me - i pay 2 dollares for just the grin...CONUS ofcourse,or international at regular fees..............or well..I'm still looking for a varlet,alpine,and I'm paying what it costed new and some more ofcourse Wink...and a few simpsons in amber handles if anyone want to strike a few dollares for an unused object

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