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I am looking for a Gen 1 Copper “Top Cap.”  I will purchase it outright from you or trade you for a Gen 2 Copper Top Cap.  

I will even sweeten the pie if we agree on a trade, I’ll purchase you a soap set of your choice in addition to the trade of top cap for top cap.  Normal soap and splash, NOT SMN or AdP, Ethos etc, please be reasonable.  

My Gen 2 top cap will arrive to you mirror polished.  I can also put a coat of wax on it after I polish to help slow oxidization (patina).

Thank You!

****UPDATE 9.18.2020**** I will purchase your entire Copper CG Gen1 “Any Level” Razor to get that top cap.  

Below is what I’m looking for, Gen 1 in Copper (this one is in brass):

[Image: R6eHGk2.jpg]

This is what I’m willing to trade, Gen 2 Top Cap in Copper, in addition a small premium will accompany the trade:

[Image: wyIBp2P.jpg][Image: bMZewz4.jpg]

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Chicago, IL USA
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Sent you a PM.

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Trying to buy that copper top
cap if you will sell it.

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Chicago, IL USA
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