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Early February special edition release (Lamb tallow + Duck fat + Jersey Milk).

Valentine - Scent Notes: Cocoa, Tobacco, Leather, Cognac, Castoreum, Tonka Bean, Osmanthus and Patchouli.

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Love the label and the scent sounds fantastic!

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(01-02-2019, 08:32 PM)frankieIVfingers Wrote: Osmanthus!

Hi frankieIVfingers

I copied from the internet some descriptions of Osmanthus Just in case you're enquiring about it Smile

In Japan osmanthus blossoms are often used in cakes and jams, while in China they are steamed with pears and rock sugar for a fragrant dessert.

The tiny osmanthus blossoms that give Tokyo its aroma are easy to miss, but the perfume is so vivid that osmanthus is sometimes called “a 10-mile fragrance” tree. In Japanese, it’s known as kinmokusei, and in English it may be referred to as a “fragrant” or “Chinese” olive, hinting at the plant’s origins, but by any name, the aroma of ripe apricots, jasmine petals and leather.

It contains some of the white floral nuances of jasmine (accounting for its lushness), some creamy apricotty notes that give it a fruity feel, and a touch of a powdery violet-like scent which makes for an inoffensive floral twist. Imagine sliced apricots and peaches, swaddled in light whipped cream and a dusting of powdered sugar, and you have the essence of osmanthus.
Thanks for the info ! I have a hedge of tea olives (osmanthus fragrans). When they bloom, it smells heavenly around the house. On a very expensive whim, I bought some absolute and added it to a jar of Latha unscented. It smells great, but not exactly the same as catching the scent on the breeze.

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