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I have a Foodsaver and it got me to thinking... is there any benefit or harm to vacuum sealing artisan style soaps to keep them in great shape until they are ready to be used?

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I can’t think of any. Faded scent is the only reason I’d see to seal.

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Hey, I remember a day not long ago that I used what I had every day, moved to the backup when it was gone, and replace the backup when I went to town. Now I've got enough soaps to shave a small country. I'm giving much away as I recruit new victims. I give soaps to my sons and daughters too. There are some soaps that I really enjoy which are no longer made and those pucks are vacuumed and refrigerated. Scent retention and avoidance of scent absorption are my goals and thus far it seems to be working.

I have soaps sealed like that, not refrigirated however. Has worked for my snuff tobacco so probably will for my soaps also.

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I have occasionally tightly double wrapped soaps in Saran Wrap for long-term storage, and then stored them away from sunlight in a cool place.

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