Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce myself. I am Troy from Virginia. I am new to DE shaving and I love it. My hobbies are truly work, and more work. Lol I have 2 children who are 4 and 8. I have been happily married for 10
Years .

Thank you for allowing me to join,


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Troy, thanks for the introduction and it is great to have you here. I hope you enjoy your stay on DFS!

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Welcome to DFS, Troy!

How is your journey into DE shaving going so far? What sort of razor(s), brush(es), and soap(s)/cream(s) are you using?

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Welcome to DFS, Troy, and enjoy your stay. Also, enjoy the journey that is wet shaving. Smile

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Rob ,
So far so good. I am currently using a Jagger medium super badger I got on Amazon. I am also using a Gillette president."eBay"
My wife got me the C&S Oxford soap for my birthday last Tuesday . She is the best.

Love the soap for sure.

I have been shaving DE for about 2 months. I am getting better but still need a little work. I am in the process of trying different blades. I like the yellow Gillettes the best so for out of what I have tried.


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Thank You Smile
Welcome. Smile

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Welcome Troy : )

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thanks for checking us out!
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Thank You for having me.


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