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All right guys,

The youtube wet shaving pundits always give their top 5 blade picks. I want to know what your 5 favorite blades are and why...


1.  Feather
2.  Personna Lab Blues
3.  Rapira Swedish Supersteel
4.  PolSilver Super Iridium
5.  Gillette Silver Blue

My list is based solely of Face Feel, Sharpness, and Performance.  I don't care that at least 3 on this list cost upwards of $30 for 100 blades, it's still cheaper than cartridge razors!

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Most of these I only have two shaves on. I just completed a fairly extensive blade search. At the moment my top 5 are:

Gillette 7 o'clock sharp edge
Pol silver
Gillette 7 o'clock super platinum
And good ole derbys

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Pol Silver
Astra Green
Gillette blacks
Rapira plat lux

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DERBY! just kidding,

1.) Feather
2.) Personna Lab Blues
3.) AstraSP
4.) Gillette Silver Blues
5.) Crystal

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Rapira Platinum
Rapira Swedish
Rapira Stainless
Laser Ultra
Gillette Black
Astra SP
Gillette Yellow
GEM Stainless PTFE
GEM Stainless PTFE
GEM Stainless PTFE
GEM Stainless PTFE
GEM Stainless PTFE

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Despite having tried about 25 brands, I still don't have a top five (yet).

  1. Astra SP (work in every razor)
  2. Feather (impressive BBS with EJ 89)
Honorable mentions for Bolzano (smooth, but too expensive).

I am currently trying SE blades. Not found a blade I like enough to be on top list. That said, those Schick Injector blade are pretty good.
[Image: 300.jpg]
Gillette O'Clock Super Platinum Blacks
Astra Superior Platinum
Personna Reds
Head Shaver
Gillette nacet
Gillette super platinum black/blue
Gillette silver blue

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