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Timeless just sent out an email announcing their release on dual base plates being offered in both Stainless & Titanium......

Due to the high number of requests for custom base plates, we have now made available the dual comb base plates in stainless steel and titanium.

Introducing the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. You can now choose two of your favorite style base plates in one head. One side Open Comb, or Scalloped or Solid bar and the other, whichever you choose.

These will be custom orders. We will not keep many in stock.
These will be ABOUT 1 WEEK from time of order to time of shipping
These will be available in the following options SB/SCL, SB/OC, SCL/OC. You choose your blade gap.
NO WE WILL NOT DO ONE SIDE .68 AND ONE SIDE .95. BOTH SIDES WILL BE THE SAME BLADE GAP. (This will help us keep what is left of our sanity).
NO We will NOT do one side out of stainless and one side out of titanium or bronze but someone will still ask.
As with all of our items there is a 30 day money back guarantee, but you are going to like it so don't even worry about it.
Thank you
Timeless Razor

[Image: DldQEdt.jpg]
[Image: cHCkztZ.jpg]
[Image: arnfZMl.jpg]
[Image: lstjZam.jpg]

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