I see a discussion on the .38 Bronze here and I feel it would have been way too mild for my face and beard. I just ordered the .78 in bronze which, I believe is relatively new. Does anyone have this offering? If it shaves as good as it looks I will be a happy camper.

Side note at 140.00 with shipping why do I feel this is a really good deal? It will hold the distinction as the most expensive razor in a den cluttered with razors..... excited to use this next week.

Let me know if you have this razor or just thoughts on the timeless offerings you may own.


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I have shaved for the first time two days ago with the OC 0.78 Timeless bronze DE and I like it a lot. YMMV of course as we are all different.
It's efficient and smooth, not as smooth as the Paradigm 17-4, but close. To give you some indication how efficient it is, I use the FB on 8, the Variant on 4.5 all these with a feather.
I shave every 3-4 days so there is plenty to mow down. The built quality is flawless and the only machining scars I found were under the cup where they cannot be seen with the razor assembled. For the price, it's un unbeatable razor.
My 2 bits worth.

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i had the original bronze razor. they do get tarnished so i found myself scrubbing it with toothpaste to clean it up. actually great razor i just wanted to try the titanium. some people complain the titanium is not polished but i like the look of it.

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I always thought the bronze was a great looking razor, just too mild with the first offering, .38. I didn't know there was an OC .78 until just now, must have missed it. Thanks.

How did it end up shaving for you steeleshaves?
- Jeff
wyze0ne I really like it a lot and it shaves well. I liked it so much I ordered their stainless offering shortly after. Full disclaimer the razor is too aggressive for me with feather blades which is odd because they are my daily blade of choice. It’s definitly an aggressive razor with this blade gap a scale under my R41 just barely.... shark blades and all other blades seem to offer a very smooth bbs shave for me. The Only complaint I have with the razor is the handle for me, the knurling could be deeper. I find the handle to be a tad slick at times. It looks great and shaves great though. The stainless variety eliminates the afromentioned issues entirely then again it’s 100 more expensive.

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