My name will be called soon to order a Wolfman WR2 , but I am leaning towards the Ti Blackbird. I’ve downsized and would prefer to keep only one DE, as I am more of a fan of single edge razors. I understand no one has tried the Ti Blackbird yet but I would appreciate any thoughts. My only titanium experience is the Paradigm SE but I enjoy the way it feels.

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Do you have a SS blackbird or have your tried a blackbird. I haven’t yet but I know I enjoy blade exposure / presence. This is why I am currently selling my WR2, not enough blade feel for me to hang onto it as I don’t find the shaves very fun. The two razors you mention are at opposite ends of the spectrum from what I gather as far as blade exposure goes so my choice would be the Ti bird. I’ll be getting one once they’re out to give it a go finally.

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I haven’t tried a Blackbird but I am leaning that direction based on what I have read. I recently sold a Diamondback (which I enjoyed) but I have smooth covered in the Paradigm SE and General. I’m trying to keep only a few razors and get off the constant buying and selling wagon before my wife smartens up!

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HA! I feel ya there. Tis a hard cycle to break. Id say go for the blackbird and maybe grab a WR1 in .80 or above once your number for Wolf comes up. Or let me get your spot haha, im planning on getting a WR1 but my number doesn't come up for a few more months.

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I would definitely get the Wolfman, you can always move it if you don't love it. Or trade it in on a titanium Blackbird when someone sells theirs. The Blackbird is definitely a blade forward razor, moreso than any WR2 I've tried and even more than the 0.86 WR1. A very smooth, efficient shave, though, and I'm definitely buying the titanium when it's available.

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I’ll take the blackbird over any wr1 over .67 any day.

What DE have you enjoyed the most? What SE are your faves? This will help

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I haven’t used a DE in well over a year but I have kept exactly 3 DE razors out of my huge collection.

Ti wr2 1.05 and 1.15
SS karve

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If you enjoy blade feel, I’d go with the WR1 OC in max gap of .94 but the WR2 SB in 1.55 is still the better shaver.

Maybe just buy the WR2 that Whisker_whacker is selling, haha.

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I think you are getting bad advice from these people. Anyone who knows anything about razors will tell you to get both.

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Haha very true. Gotta catch em all

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