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Reviews of the Omega 10098 Professional resulted in me expecting a solid Boar brush that would feel good in the hand and work up a respectable amount of lather. All in all a great brush for the price. I had also ordered a similar Marvy brush to compare against the Omega.

Reviewers believe the brushes to be very similar. I will go a step further and say they are the same brush… literally. When I unpackaged the Marvy brush… it was the Omega brush complete with the Omega logo on the front. I don’t know if that is always the case… but that’s what I got.

Many [Image: jXRyM16.jpg]
Omega makes brushes for everyone. My favorite of all their brushes is the faux jade handle boar they make for Connaught Shaving in the UK. I also have the 10066 and the Pro 49 but much prefer the Connaught.

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Interesting but not surprising. I have one of the Omega Pro's. It's a HUGE boar but I like it.

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One of the scratchiest brushes I've ever used. 2/10, would not buy...

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- Jeff

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