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(07-03-2017, 04:05 AM)merelymoe Wrote: I really need to get my dirty little mitts on a Le Coq caged comb...

Moe, the Le Coq is a very enjoyable monster. Talk about blade gap and exposure! What's amazing in my experience is, even though it's perhaps my most blade-oriented razor, I've never had a cut or a weeper. It commands respect, which I'm always happy to give it.
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I hear that in Israel, everyone takes their driving test in a car with a stick shift, the idea being that if you can drive a stick you can drive an automatic (duh). In keeping with that idea, I can see the virtue of a beginner learning with an aggressive razor, provided they understand that there will likely be nicks and weepers. I suppose the other benefit of learning with an aggressive razor is that it teaches you TO USE NO PRESSURE.

So I can see the benefit of learning with a real chopper.

I probably would prefer to start with a mild shaver, gain confidence, and then graduate to more aggressive shavers. I think my first DE was a Gillette I bought at a drugstore with a butterfly head and a plastic handle. It was quite mild. That led to the hard stuff--straights, slants, shavettes.

So to answer your question, depending on the newbie's temperament, yes, starting with a machete is a fine idea if they have a good coach--in person or via youtube--to help them get the knack.
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