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I have a Thater SRP 2011 brush (bulb).  In trying to thin my herd, I'm pondering selling it. 
It's clearly no longer available on the open market.  My question: Is there a market for it?  Does it have real value?

This is NOT a for sale listing.  It's an inquiry into what the market is like. 
But mods, if you think it's inappropriate, then please delete it.

Others, perhaps replies would best be done via PM.


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I’d say yes, although I can’t say at what price. Here are some things going for it:
- It appears to be in good shape
- It is a less common handle style
- The tips appear to show some texture (gel-feel would certainly add interest)
- I can only assume it is a winner if it has stayed in the den for that long
- Thäter is a historic brand

All that said, posting it is the only way to know for sure. It’s not like it costs anything to list here. The only real consideration is if you want to hang onto it for yourself.

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Northern NJ
If this handle style fits someone’s eye and hand well I see no reason why this couldn’t find a great home. Thaters have always been know as good brushes with soft tips and medium density. Most of what I’ve read has always been that bulb shapes in Thater were great and possibly preferred because it gave a little more backbone feel that the fans had lacked. Not sure of the exact knot specs but for an 8 year old brush but if I was in the market I could see myself paying $65-75. The one Thater brush I had was an excellent brush. Best of luck

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Max Sprecher
Las Vegas, NV
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It's still my most used shaving brush after all these years together with another shaving brush that was made for me by a very dear friend. There were a total of 150 brushes made (26mm Flat or Bulb)

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