It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
A good early morning shave on one of my favorite days of the year. A lot to be thankful for.
Enjoy the good eats, family and friends Gents. Have a great one....... Character
The participants:

Micro-Matic "Clog-Pruf"
GEM SS ptfe #7
Maggard 30mm
B&M Seville soap
Humphreys Alcoholado Maravilla
Nivea 2in1 lotion
B&M Seville A/S splash

[Image: mJwyuvB.jpg]

[Image: 1nfSXbq.gif]

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Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Just posted my SOTD. A little Mikes Pumpkin Spice, Paladin and some Wolfman action.

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Decided to go with the razor that gives me the closet shave for this Thanksgiving - the Blackland Blackbird SB. Used Mystic Water Leather & Smoke paired up with Chatillon Lux Gratiot League Square. This combo just brings a smile to my face every time Happy2

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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I used my ATT with the R1 plate I just got off of the BST. I have the M2 and I've wanted to try the R plate for a while. I'm thankful that the price was right so I could get it.

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[Image: 01WcsDF.jpg]

Beautiful Thanksgiving Day Shave today! Having the time to get an excellent shave while I reflect and relax is one of the many things I am truly thankful for!

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My TG shave was Stirling Pumpkin Spice soap, an LE boar brush, Colonial silver aluminum General SE with UFO Kaiser aluminum handle, Feather AC Pro Super blade (shave #20). Happy2

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