I actually prefer Thäter bulbs by far, but still I wonder if anyone in the DFS forum are fans of Thäter brushes ?

I prefer backbone in my brushes, so the less dense Thäter fans have been bought and sold from my den.

What is left are 4125 brushes, 4 total, 2 2-Band (1 28 mm bulb and 1 26 mm bulb)and 2 3-Band (2 26 mm bulb).

Really love them, for when I need a luxurious soft gentle face lathering. I always face lather, and sometimes a Simpson Manchurian Chubby 2 and 3 can be on the rough side. This is when I use my Thäters.

Actually am looking to expand my collection to a 7 or 8 day set.

Have so far 2 put aside at shaving.ie, a black 30 mm 4125 2-band bulb and a beige 26 mm 4125 2-band fan.
But Chris could not help me with the 28 mm beige/faux ivory bulb 3-band I want in my collection.
And I don’t deal wioth nassrasur, because they only accept forward bank payment, not even accepts paypal.
Do you know of stores, that have fair prices on new Thäters ?

Different scent is not my thing either - outdated pics, and just not a shaving site, more a fragrance store.

Have also tried Esbjerg.com, but he only has 30 mm and 26 mm 3-bands, and I’m looking for a 28 mm 3-band 4125 bulb.

But back to the brushes - let me hear what you have in your collection and what you like and prefer ?

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark
I have one badger brush, a Thater 4125/2 Silvertip 3 band bulb. I love this brush and don't plan on ever selling it.

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Claus, I have always loved the look and feel of Thater Bulb knots, but even the 30mm ones were a bit lacking in backbone, for me.
If they would offer the loft in a much lower height, then I would have, at least, one 30mm in my den. Alas, they do not, so I do not have any.

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(06-16-2016, 09:37 PM)CHSeifert Wrote:  I’m looking for a 28 mm 3-band 4125 bulb.

But back to the brushes - let me hear what you have in your collection and what you like and prefer ?[/size]

I have a 3 band 28mm thater, the matching piece to the oneblade. It's ridiculously expensive, massive overkill, but like Hobbyist said, no way would I part with it. It's very soft and I much prefer it over my Simpson Chubby 2 in super.

[Image: i-pmNjHmj-S.jpg]

But it is massive overkill in price and to use


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I recently bought one used.

4125 w/a 26mm bulb in two band.

I am not really in love with the handle. The black is just a fingerprint magnet! I really wanted the black one too. It is gorgeous, and I'm not saying it's junk. It is hard to keep clean and also a bit too short for me. I will say this, I am not going to give it up willingly though.

The knot. It's superb. No other way to put it.

Curly hooked tips and it dries crispy. Not the most pronounced gel tip I've got or ever seen, but one of the nicest to use.

The bulb shape is so pronounced and symmetrical. Really extreme and handsome.

I've been using it for three days. So, while it's still early, I'm really happy with it so far. If it were money is no object sort of thing I would love to have the knot transplanted into a taller handle.

Right now I'm struggling to decide what my favorite brush knot is. Out of all the brushes I've got at the moment, the two band Thater is in my top three favorites with Paladin Select and Envy White. Thankfully I don't have to pick only one right now.

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Shave yourself.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
I have three at the moment, two bulbs and one fan. Excellent brushes.

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I have a couple and I gave another one to my son. They're wonderful brushes. I have another Fendrihan house brand silver tip brush that is made by Thater for Fendrihan and its a very nice brush too. I was wondering if any other DFS members were fans of Thater brushes and now I know that there are some.

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The brush I bought my son is the H.L.Thater 4125 Series 2 Band Fan-Shaped Silvertip Shaving Brush.  Its a monster, seriously bigger than any brush in my arsenal. Here it is:

[Image: td43dsR.jpg]

[Image: mKIHQKm.jpg]

[Image: m0fdHTu.jpg]

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I purchased my two Thater's in 2014 and have been very satisfied with them. The 3-band has slightly less backbone than the 2-band, but has softer tips. The 2-band does get more use. In fact, it was the brush I used the most last year (note: this year, Paladin has that honor so far!).

4376/4 Plexi 3-band 24x54
4292/4 Faux Ivory 2-band 25x56

[Image: bO8LgWl.jpg]
[Image: pL7aDiu.jpg]
[Image: gChhPkV.jpg]

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Claus, I want to thank you for reminding me of how great the Thater brushes are. This morning I pulled out my H. L. Thater 4292 Silvertip size 6 brush and applied it to a puck of B&M Fougere Imperiale, an incredible amount of lather was generated in a surprisingly short period of time. Ample lather for 4+ luxurious passes. What a great brush.

I haven't tried a Thater fan shaped brush yet but I am considering making one of those my next brush acquisition.

You might want to check out Fendrihan as they have a good selection of Thater brushes. They have a .com and a .ca website and remember that at the .ca prices are in CDN$.

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