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In my quest to find the right one, I've tried multiple synthetic brushes. While I love the softness, the quick drying and overall low maintenance of synthetics, the ones I've tried just don't splay as well as a badger or boar for face lathering.

Any recommendations for synthetic fan-shaped and/or optimal face lathering brushes?

Not breaking the bank would be an added bonus.
Have you tried one of the Maggard Black & White synthetics? I have the 30mm knot and it seems like it would do well with face-lathering (I haven't tried as I normally bowl-lather). They range in price from $12 to $20 with the handle or $8 to $10 for just the knot.

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The omni-present Plisson-type synthetic knots splay quite easily. I have only tried the original Plisson/L'Occitane knots and none of the newer ones, though.
Having said this, I haven't found a better synthetic brush than the Chubby 2.

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My latest is an AP Shave Company Tuxedo in 30mm, which I'm assuming is similar to the Maggard black and white, and I'm not impressed with it as a face latherer.

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As already said, the Plisson-type knots tend to splay the easiest. The 26 mm Stirling Kong (with its relatively long loft) will cover your face in one fell swoop.

Perhaps my favorite synthetic knot is the Mühle Silvertip Fibre. It almost feels like "the real deal," but can be a bit expensive, and may still take a bit of work to splay.

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Only synthetic I have at present is the wolf whiskers 25mm black wolf original fan and find it excellent for face Lathering but I understand it’s a slightly different version that’s available now, I also have the 24mm black wolf bulb in the pipeline in a custom envy shaves, when I’ve had chance to use it I’d happily share my thoughts ! Don’t know if there is much difference in these and the tuxedo but these type of knots are certainly liked by many so I’d suggest something along these lines...maybe try turn and shave for an inexpensive brush

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The AP Cashmere has less backbone than the Tuxedo if you're looking for more splay. It only comes in 24mm bulb though. I have seen on TurnNShave (Etsy) that they're selling what they call "Angel hair" knots that look similar to the Cashmere, but are also offered in fan shape.

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Anybody have experience with the TurnNShave quartermoons?
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The quartermoon fibers are very similar, if not the same as, the APShaveCo tux. The 25mm quartermoon is much larger than the 24mm tux that I have, being + 1.5mm larger at the base alone and then the fan style of the tips...

Edit: no special lofts on either knots; both came that way

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I haven't used one, but the Ubersoft 2 knot may be what you're looking for. It's not quite a fan shape, but it looks to be closer to fan than bulb.

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