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Philadelphia, PA
I think it's pretty hard to beat the price, performance and scent selection Stirling's offers...

that aside though, does anyone else find them to be pretty thirsty soaps?

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
They do take a bit of water to get that nice shiny lather, but I have not noticed it being to far out from the norm for the soaps I have in the den. Some are clearly made to use less soap, and some more.

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Stirling is one of my all time favorites and a regular in my rotation. They are thirsty but no more so than B&M. I'm used to soaps that require a lot of water though so it doesn't bother me.

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Shaven in the Past
I use Stirling as my primiary soap. As noted above it's hard to beat the price point, preformance and customer service. I also use their bathsoaps, Barbershop is my favorite.

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Austin, TX
Same camp here- great soaps, solid value and just about any scent you could want. I haven't noticed them to be particularly thirsty outside the norm but I most often just go on autopilot and don't track/notice. May be time to break out some Margarita's with the temperature rising in Austin and double check Smile

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That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
Yup...same here. Love Stirling soaps, love the scents. I dont mind the thirst, since I tend to saturate all my soaps pretty well, tryi.g to maximize slickness...

In fact, I think I need to order some Margaritas in the Arctic and maybe Frozen Pineapple. Ginna be well over 100 by next week...

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

Barner 4 Life
I have more Stirling soaps than any other brand. Great soaps, great people.

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Fort Smith, Arkansas
I love stirling soaps, great performance, great value. Yes they are slightly more thirsty than other soaps. I have found that putting a small palm full of water on them while I shower helps. Then I pour it off into my shave bowl. I have also found that you need to load the brush longer, as the soap comes tacky I dip the tips of my brush back into the water I drained off from the soap.

Yes outstanding people to deal with. I live within an hour of them. I love going to their workshop. The smells are intoxicating.

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Oh, and Stirling has their summer seasonals up today! Some new scents AdP Colonia inspired, and what sounds like a nice tabacco. One can only dream!

I guess one could buy also...

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Stirling soaps are among the best available. They never disappoint.

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