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I have 2 brushes for sale. I'm the original owner of both brushes. I lather with very light pressure so rest assured that brushes haven't been mistreated. Both brushes are non-shedders. No weird break-in process either. I just used them normally and let them break-in naturally over time.
I've cleaned and sterilized both brushes with an anti-bacterial soap and a zinc pyrithione shampoo.

First is a Zenith B03-A26 (also known as B2). Comes with all of the original packaging. You can see in the pictures how dense the knot is. Here's is a very good description of the knot along with it's specifications:

Second is a travel Omega 50014. The handle doubles as a travel tube.

Retail + shipping on both brushes is $42.23

Selling both together for $25 total

Thread is closed for comments, but if you're seeing this it means that they are still available.


[Image: dNvXDep.jpg]

[Image: ZepC1oT.jpg]

[Image: kV1KPeK.jpg]

[Image: IRhYxXw.jpg]

[Image: iEd88b2.jpg]

[Image: 5WZKYZn.jpg]

[Image: 79Mi1Ke.jpg]

[Image: 5IzsgXy.jpg]

[Image: AMh6no4.jpg]

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