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Looking to trade the Toner, Tub and set.

Both the Oleo and LNHC soaps made my face a little itchy. I love the scent on the Pure Lavender but it doesn’t project like a lot of Shawn’s other work. I enjoy his stuff on 11 and not on 2. The Oleo set was used once and so was the toner. I can get you a weight on the Lisa’s so just ask if you’re curious.

Goods I’m looking for:

DG soaps: Chaipre, Bandwagon, Southern Paradise, Lamplight Penance

WK soaps: Pasha’s Pride, Italian Holiday or Spice Vitae

B&M: Beaudelaire

Splashes: WK Merchant of Tobacco toner, DG Contemplation splash, APR Fenchurch

Have a great weekend,
LNHC and CL Pure Lavender spoken for. Make me an offer for the Oleo people.

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