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I'm selling:
  • Wolfman Guerrilla razor
  • Special Edition Chiseled Face/Zoologist collaboration Rhinoceros soap (used 2x),
  • Renegade Atelier Ixcacao soap (used 1x, notes of "spiced chocolate").  
Everything is in great condition.  No issues.  The razor goes for $175 plus shipping USD, Rhino goes for $35, and Renegade about $14.  The Guerrilla and Rhino are more difficult to get now.  I'd like to sell as a lot for $250 CONUS, shipping included.


[Image: 8N7SVZf.jpg]
[Image: a0QTXrz.jpg]
[Image: F9NuxSz.jpg]
[Image: SndliuA.jpg]
[Image: PFs4vcU.jpg]
Great deal Eric! If by chance you split I may be interested in the Rhino!

"He who hasn't faced adversity doesn't know his true strength. "
Thanks, Freddie. Smile
It looks like the lot is now sold pending funds!

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