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I'm putting my Timeless Titanium .95 Scalloped with Stand set on sale today. It is lightly used. I have cleaned and sanitized it so it will be ready to go.

CONUS shipping is included in this price. I am asking for $285 as this razor is in immaculate condition and you save $25 off the price of a new one from Timeless. No trades.

Please send me a PM with any questions and / or interest. Thank you
[Image: Q824BkX.jpg][Image: jV9dJnc.jpg][Image: hDZXYap.jpg][Image: 4wpc5mL.jpg]

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- Josh
Beautiful razor and a work of art being sold by an absolutely tremendous and reliable member. Buy it!

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- Sanjay
Would never sell mine, and dare I say an improvement over the stainless steel?

An excellent razor at a solid price. GLWTS.

Before someone asks, the same great shave at 1/3 to 2/5 the weight.

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