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Hi all. I’m looking to sell this Timeless open comb .78 Bronze razor.  It’s in excellent condition, comes with the original box and packaging, and delivers a close, efficient shave while possessing typical Timeless beauty.
Retail is $140
My price: $95 shipped, CONUS only.

[Image: 8f169a9583b3bf0c9743f1fd5c627691.jpg]
[Image: 3dc14c491f672cf4eb270b619da4afcb.jpg]
[Image: f828d2a9d16eb7f8287835bdf58a341e.jpg]
[Image: a96d8ea91a1f07fdf2668c7c9a46efbb.jpg]

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This razor has sold. More gear coming up for sale soon...

Melfort, SK Canada
Darn it. Missed it. But thank you for the offerings.

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