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I'm selling a custom straight razor made by the legendary Tim Zowada. It's buttery smooth and shave ready. These don't come up too often. If you got on the waiting list, this razor would cost you $1500+. I'm only selling because I prefer larger blades and am having Tim make me an 8/8. It's a good opportunity if you want to own a top tier custom at a fraction of the cost!

•6/8" Half Hollow
•Damascus steel
•Barber Notch
•Upper and lower jimping
•Abalone scales

Yours for the Black Friday price of $795 shipped!

[Image: I8p6Rfl.jpg]

[Image: OmNX3Im.jpg]

[Image: Qyf9BVP.jpg]

[Image: FGlqZLp.jpg]

[Image: n80n62v.jpg]

[Image: zRo0rY9.jpg]

[Image: p0k6RiX.jpg]

[Image: SrsBnhO.jpg]

[Image: gHmBbUb.jpg]

[Image: H7zA2HI.jpg]

[Image: mfVb7Qm.jpg]

[Image: XYLBLsm.jpg]

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Oh, my goodness! That is a stunning razor, Eric and good luck with the sale. Smile

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart
Beauty blade form and awesome guy! GLWTS!!

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Thanks guys! This is a killer blade!!! I hope it finds a good home!! Smile

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