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I am looking to sell this lightly used (4 uses) Tatara Nodachi Dark. I bought it directly from Tatara and paid close to $195 in total.

CONUS shipping and PayPal fees are included in my asking price of $170. I would trade it for a Rocnel 2019 Elite Aggressive. I will ship international, please ask for a quote. I am shipping out of a military post office located in Naples, Italy so it will take around 10-14 days to arrive.

Thank you for looking.

[Image: EctbdIn.jpg]
[Image: 9Kk1yAj.jpg]
[Image: b1dNJbF.jpg]
[Image: 7RMKmfW.jpg]
[Image: XsG7Jpf.jpg]
- Josh

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Guys, this is one of the very best razors available at any price. It combines a smooth mild face feel with great feedback, maneuverability and high efficiency. Read our passaround thread in DE razors subforum for laudatory reviews from all

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If I hadn't recently ordered a Blackland Vector and 2 more Stork handles, I'd have blind bought this just based on the Nodachi pass-around thread.

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- Josh

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